FreeBSD - Qmail

Qmail virtual domain outgoing IP address patch. uses qmail in combination with vpopmail. Using those two packages together is great for dealing with email of virtual domains. runs about 50 virtual domains.

However, with several net block's all outgoing email processed by qmail-remote is being sent through the first IP address on the interface. In case of this means that customers using their own domains to relay email always will have a reference to in the message headers once the email is being processed by the qmail and sent to a remote system. In case they legally bulk mail (or SPAM) and are being reported is being reported as well as their own domain.

To prevent this qmail-remote has been patched to use the IP address of the virtual domain and also use the virtual domain as HELO host instead of the default, i.e. the first IP address of the interface and the domain name stored in control/me or control/helohost. In case qmail-remote is not able to determine the domain name or the domain name is not a local domain which can happen in case of forwarding the default is being used. qmail-remote will use DNS to determine the IP address associated with a domain name. This means that DNS will have to have an A-record for the domain name.

The following files were patched:

With a bit of luck you should be able to just drop these files into a current build and rebuild qmail. The changes are being marked with "// JAK"

FreeBSD - Qmail